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11 Year Old Girl Protests to Plymouth Herald Newspaper over EFW Planning Application Approval

Controversial planning application gained approval after committee heared plant was to be within 60 metres from the nearest home.

After a six hour debate ended giving approval for a hugely controversial and heavily protested EFW project in the docks of Plymouth on On Friday 23rd Dec 2011, and the formal approval being given earlier this month, today, a little girl has written to the Plymouth Herald newspaper to further her protest.

Mistake made

MY NAME is Cassidy Ruiz and I am 11 years old.

I think Plymouth City Council has made a mistake giving MVV permission to build an incinerator in an area with the nearest homes only 62 metres away and seven schools nearby.

Shouldn't Plymouth City Council be looking after children's health, and not giving permission for the incinerator to be built?

Why didn't they ask us to recycle more, then we wouldn't need an incinerator? Thank you. This is my point of view.


St Budeaux

The little girls concerns were heared and one of the readers replied advising children of the Plymouth area to write to: Children's Rights Alliance for England (email:
The reader went on to say "As this 11 year old rightly says Plymouth City Council have (yet again) made a big big mistake".

The giant incinerator is set to transform Plymouth’s dockyard landscape after Councillors voted 7-5 in favour of the plans for Devonport Dockyard’s North Yard.

The acceptance of the plans flew in the face of more than Six thousand people who signed a petition opposing the plans.

The planning committee passed the decision even after hearing that the closest home was situated within just 60 metres from where the incinerator will sit whilst 450 residents live within 250 metres from the incinerator was proposed.

A public enquiry was called for by Sally Bowie, St Budeaux Labour councillor. “Not enough research has been done into this” she said. The call raised a big round of applause for the councillor from the local residents.

Cllr Gloria Bragg – Conservative, said: “blight on the landscape” – “I’m prepared to lose my seat in May in standing with the people of St Budeaux in their opposition.” she added.

The committee heard how the incinerator will sit just 60 metres from the closest home, while a 450 households live within 250 metres.

“There are some significant adverse effects on some people,” Planning Officer Alan Hartridge.

A Chemistry graduate Alan Facer told Plymouth Herald that he believed the reports recording emissions were misleading. “I’m so angry. They were wrong about the carbon capture because it can be re-used, not burnt. Around 200 tonnes of carbon dioxide will be released into the atmosphere which will affect global warming.”

Little has been said regarding the decrease in value of the homes that will be incurred in the area affected, but this could only be attributed to the greater concern for the health risk presented toward the children of the local schools. One school inparticular, Weston-Mill Primary School, was named in planning application objections which have been presented to the councils planning department, where it was made a point of concern regarding the CO2 volume that would increase as a result of the incinerator traffic.
Concern for the health of the residents of properties in close proximity to where the incinerator will be built is also a factor that takes precedent over the effect on property values.

You can read more on the EFW plans and protests at Plymouth Herald