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Costs start from around the same price as a daily paper.
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Find My Recycler !


Costs start from around the same price as a daily paper.
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About Us

What is the purpose of Find My Recycler

Find My Recycler ( ) is a free service to allow you, (the public), to find a recycler of the items you wish to discard; one who is local to you, and who will recycle your unwanted goods in an environmentally friendly manner.

You can find recyclers for all the following products and more at Find My Recycler:

  • WEEE Appliances
  • Scrap Metals
  • Unwanted Vehicles
  • Clothes and Rags
  • Furniture
  • plus many more categories to come.

The aim of the FindMyRecycler service is, whilst giving you (the public) access to an ever growing database of recyclers and refurbishers, to also give an alternative to disposing of your unwanted items at the council refuse site or landfill site. With WEEE appliances and vehicles, the aim is to reduce the amount of reworkable machines going to scrapyards and instead try and divert the machines capable of repair to local engineers near to you. Machines that are unrepairable will then be salvaged of some of the still valuable raw resourses and reuseable parts before being further recycled.

UK registered charities and other charitable causes benefit from some of the collections of clothes and furniture that take place via

Gold, Silver, Jewellery and other precious and semi-precious items can be taken to dealers and recyclers who will pay for the items you wish to recycle.

What is WEEE

WEEE is Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, Washing Machines, Tumble dryers, Cookers, Dishwashers, Microwaves, Televisions, Monitors, Computers, Laptops, Fridges, Freezers, Fridge Freezers, Mobile Phones, plus many other Small Household Electricals and IT equipment and every day, legally and illigally, thousands of tons of both waste electricals and other appliances are being needlessly disposed in scrapyards around the world.

Eco Reasons

Everytime an appliance is scrapped, a host of reusable assets and other costly earth resources are lost.

Entering your details onto the front page of this site will help you get the details of any local engineer/recyclers that would be only too happy to either find your unwanted appliance a new home, refurbish your complete machine and place it back onto the market, reclaim the working parts from your old appliance and then properly recycling the raw materials of the appliance, or simply recycle your appliance properly... all the time reducing the carbon footprint that is caused by the UK waste stream.

When waste electrical appliances are taken to the local council refuse site, or given to the company delivering your new appliance, the proberbility is that it will end up as scrapped metal and in a lot of cases that scrapped metal will be exported across the world to be melted down, only to return to the UK as another product at a later date, meanwhile creating a huge carbon footprint as it moves about. Many large electrical retailers do this to prevent the appliances returning to the market and preventing sales of new appliances.

We at together with our partners and sponsors believe that each electrical item refurbished and reused contributes to saving our planet for futurent of the facility.